My Friends Said Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Is More Damaging Than the Real Ones?

I have bought and tried an electric cigarette, "smoking joe" but still smoke real ones. thanks a lot for your advice!

every cigarette is doing you damage. whether electrical or not.

I have heard the same, but I don't know th source of the info. I mean, it might just come from the cigarette companies, in which case it would be just to make sure their market isn't lost.
Stop smoking. It's bad for you and it makes you stink.

you treat the e-cigarette as a fun tool, not as a supplement for cigarettes. it seems that you are not quite willing to quit smoking. and, why should you.? true that smoking causes lots of problems. but, the same problems are caused by pollution, work related stress and many other factors. millions of octogenarian smokers still live a healthy life. why quit smoking?

i dont know which is worse, but real or not, its still damaging.
they still contain nicotine, which clogs your arteries and cause serious heart problems.

Yeah right.

I will admit that some brands have some technological issues that could cause their ecig to be more dangerous than the real thing.

However, strictly speaking of a properly operating ecig, they are FAR safer than the real thing. There are two common base liquids used for the vapor, propelyene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both are safe to inhale, in a variety of fog machines and kids toys, and in real cigs as well. the other ingredients are food flavorings, typically natural flavors and oils.

Some of the liquid also contains nicotine. Nicotine is literally a poison, so another concern has been that people wont handle the nicotine right when mixing the vaporizing liquid.

A lot of people are saying they are worse though, and that stems from the fda's attempt to ban them. They must be scared that they are going to loose money from tobacco sales, so they are calling these worse than tobacco and want them reclassified as a drug delivery system and all kinds of craziness. the fda has also focused on the nicotine issue I mentioned above, as well as saying that companies are not accurately labeling the amount of nicotine in the liquid.

Success Story is right on the money. All the negative hype is from sources that have a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda. Many doctors agree E cigs are a safer option.

I call E cigs, smoking for the 21st century. But you need to be careful in choosing which brand. you get what you pay for. Cheaper brands just flat out don't satisfy, and need too much maintenance. the brand I use is always highly rated, has the highest vapor output, has many flavor choices, nicotine levels, and different charging options. Plus, they have excellent customer service and are confident enough to offer a money back guarantee. in the long run it will cost half of what you're spending on tobacco.

But do your own research and pick the brand that is right for you. the main thing is that you stop using tobacco!

I cannot imagine how these can be more damaging than real cigarettes.

I've smoked "smoketip" for a while. They're slightly more expensive than blu but totally worth it as they give off more "vapor" and replicate the feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

I no longer wake up in the middle of the night coughing and my clothing doesn't smell bad anymore. Highly recommended!

Check out


Are they worse? I hardly agree. Lets compare the facts:

1. 4900+ chemicals
2. 60 known carcinogens
3. Tar
4. Combusted tobacco
5 dangerous second hand smoke that can linger on everything for years and cause cancer to others

6. VERY hard to quit – everyone focuses on nicotine as the very addictive ingredient in real cigarettes, as i agree with this highly, I think people forget to include the other 4000+chemicals that your body gets used to…….and addicted to. even switching to e-cigarettes myself I found it still hard, even with a High nicotine cartridge, But now that I have switch for about a year now, I find my self going without my e-cigarette for days easy.

Electronic cigarettes:
1. 3 ingredients – water, Propylene Glycol, sometimes nicotine. Lets get one thing straight as well, nicotine is not good for you by any means, but in small amounts, its really no more harmful than caffeine and does not cause cancer. Tar smoke combustion second hand smoke

E-cigarettes are not and should not be marketed as a safe,healthy, stop smoking product. This is just pure false. the only thing that would relate to those is stopping completely, including e-cigs. these products are for smokers who still want to enjoy their habit, but in a better way, an alternative that doesn't offer the Tar, chemicals,second hand smoke and carcinogens.

Are they a better alternative, I would say yes, but thats me. I glad I switch. is my brand I use.

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